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About Matt Morson

Matt Morson is a country boy with a rock and roll edge.  Born on October 12, 1992 Matt Morson, picked up his first guitar at age 11 to master Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown”.

Coming from a small town in rural Ontario, Matt inherited his passion for country music from his parents and used his love for music as a way to express his inner art. As the years went on, Morson started to work with various music festivals, assisting in production and general event logistics.

Over time, Matt grew a desire to perform and eventually landed himself a chance to perform on stage. Morson’s charastimatic presence and ability to connect with audience is what’s led him to several notable performances since the start of his career.  Highlights include opening for Doc Walker at Nashville North as well as Jojo Mason, River Town Saints and Aaron Pritchett at several festivals through out Ontario.

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For bookings or tour information, please contact Bruno Zuccato, 416-400-2916, bookings@mattmorson.com

For media inquiries or PR requests, please contact Eric Alper, eric@thatericalper.com.